Window Films

Our range of commercial and residential products, designed and manufactured to the demanding specifications of customers worldwide, can be used in any building, in any climate, anywhere. Ranging from high heat and glare reduction, safety and security films, opaque, translucent and patterned privacy films offering the following benefits.

  • Solar energy rejection up to 79%
  • Modernises the look of older buildings
  • Reduces fading of carpets, furniture and fabrics
  • Superior scratch resistant coating
  • Less glare
  • Reduces harmful UV rays
  • Improves shatter resistance in glass
  • Backed by manufacturers warranty
  • Available in a wide variety of colours

Our Speciality Films are designed for a variety of applications. White Out and Black Out films offer total privacy, providing an economical alternative to building new walls to replace windows. Silver Matte also provides total privacy, but adds heat rejection to its list of benefits. Opaque White and Bronze Matte provide a frosted glass effect for privacy, while allowing light to pass through. So if your needs are special, specify one of Sun-Gards speciality films