Louvolite Home Hub, one touch motorisation

Louvolite one touch motorisation
Motorised blinds have always been seen as a premium product, an extravagance beyond the reach of most. This is now a thing of the past as Louvolite® proudly introduces One Touch® motorised blinds, making luxury affordable.

One Touch® technology helps us to think differently about how we add shade at our windows. Without getting up from your seat, you can filter the daylight, increase your privacy and let daylight in, all at the push of a button.

Louvolite Home Hub Canterbury, East Kent and surrounding area

Smart Home Automation is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way to manage your home at your convenience.

Our new Home Hub can help your home become a smarter and more contemporary living space.

Maximise your home security with us by opening and closing your blinds at the touch of a button when away at work or on holiday.

Why Choose Our Home Hub?

  • The Louvolite Home Hub connects via WiFi
  • Available for IOS and Android the Home Hub has been designed to work with Amazon Alexa, Dot and Echo
  • Control up to 15 blinds per room
  • Improve your home security with the ability to open or close the blinds when at home, out or away on holiday
  • Use your smartphone device to view the rooms in your home and control the blinds within them
  • Blinds can be controlled individually, by room or all together
  • Stylish hub will discreetly sit anywhere in the home or can be fixed to the wall
  • Motorised Blinds are child safe